French TV show on Seasons

I spent 7 days in a camper with Valentine Thomas and Mathieu Jutras Gingras, going around the province of Quebec. Here is the link to the first three minutes : Les pionniers de la pêche sous-marine au Québec from Marc Wattrelot on Vimeo. It’s an hour long and it’s available on the Season Chanel in… Read More »

Mass Invitational spearfishing competition, May 27th 2017

Olivier and I showed up in his sickly green Volkswagen at the Massachusetts invitational spearfishing competition at King’s Beach… in Rhode Island. The sole purpose of the Mass invitational is to bring people beyond low impact Instagram freediving, and to somehow convince them of the wonders of facing other spearfishermen, on a level playing field,… Read More »

Catching early season tautogs how-to

People asked where I got tautogs in April in Rhodes Island. Well, they present special challenges since there are less of them, but also because they behave strangely… Unlike in the late season or winter, tautogs don’t necessarily hangout deep. The water conditions appear similar to those found in winter, so you would expect to… Read More »

JJ shooting cod

We had a great time at this secret spot… shooting cod! There are many video on my youtube channel. You can navigate by entering my youtube channel. You should also subscribe!