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Fun with TBAR speargun prototype

Here is the Tbar speargun prototype test video. This speargun was built for entertainment value alone. I do believe this sort of off the wall design helps me rethink my spearguns. Spearfishing with this prototype is quite feasible though. I don’t thing spearfishermen would hesitate one second to bring this thing spearfishing. The prototype was… Read More »

Training for spearfishing.

Some people keep asking about my training advise. I had written something a while back. It’s still pretty much what I would suggest today. Here it goes: Reaching for the bottom on one’s breath is an enjoyable exercise of defiance in a society that values more security and comfort than living. It also defies the… Read More »

Ice freediving

Freediving under the ice has attracted a lot of attention. These pictures are the most talked about. Even in this environment you can find breathing holes though sometimes only the snorkle passes. It’s best to spot your breathing holes from the surface and make sure to have enough air to back away if you cannot… Read More »

Santa Lucia, Cuba

Diving in Santa Lucia, Cuba November 2010 In Montreal, when people have to walk in brown sludge left over from weeks of depressing dark snowy days to get to their ice covered cars, the idea of heading anywhere south is quite appealing. There are many destinations: Florida, Mexico and the Dominican Republic come to mind,… Read More »

Catching sturgeons by hand

In june 2010 JJ and me went diving in the St-Laurent in front of Montreal. We were met with the largest school of sturgeons we’d seen in our lives. We started filming but we soon regressed to our 5 year old selves… Catching sturgeons by hand