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Minus ten celcius (-10C) is too cold to get naked on a pile of snow

Winter 2013 2014 is especially cold in Montreal… Regardless, last weekend, perhaps due to a form of cabin fever or temporary seasonal insanity, we convinced ourselves spearfishing was a good idea. -10C was an improvement compared to other days of January. Actually any day with temperatures above -15C were celebrated. But, -10C remains way too… Read More »

Off the Hook Extreme Catches aired last Sunday

Off the Hook Extreme Catches, the episode where I bring Eric Young spearfishing under the ice aired on Sunday at 8pm eastern time on Animal Planet! The show is on the Animal Planet website if you are in the US. Outside you may have to download it from a torrent, look for “off the… Read More »

Production of an Episode of Off the Hook, Extreme Catches with Eric Young and me.

Last year I spent a four days on Block Island with Professional Wrestler Eric Young. My challenge was  to prepare him to spearfish at the Race. Obviously, the Race is not a place where you take new freedivers. Actually, no one should dive there given the speed of the current, the darkness of the water, the dept,… Read More »

Fun with TBAR speargun prototype

Here is the Tbar speargun prototype test video. This speargun was built for entertainment value alone. I do believe this sort of off the wall design helps me rethink my spearguns. Spearfishing with this prototype is quite feasible though. I don’t thing spearfishermen would hesitate one second to bring this thing spearfishing. The prototype was… Read More »

Feeding bluegills

More and more often, the St-Lawrence Seaway becomes so warm that it is possible to dive without a wetsuit. It seems each new year we beat the previous’ year heat records. Here I am feeding tooty bluegills in my speedo.

GoPro en mode 1080p ou MP4

L’ouverture de la pêche à Montréal, c’est surtout l’ouverture printanière de la pêche au doré. Il y a bien une saison hivernale. Il est possible de le chasser jusqu’au 31 mars si vous avez une bonne combinaison et que vous savez où ils se cachent pendant l’hiver. Pour ma part, je n’en vois pas souvent… Read More »