Winter spearfishing, kill shot with mittens

By | March 28, 2013

After shooting a winter spearfishing episode of Off the Hook, Extreme Catches with Eric Young (you can find it on torrents, it’s season two) we continued fishing in the icy waters of the St-Laurent. JJ and me had our big mittens and all the winter neoprene trimming required. I got so used to shooting with the large 7 mm mittens that it did not pose any special challenge.

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One thought on “Winter spearfishing, kill shot with mittens

  1. Rafal

    Tres nice la video, l’eau doit etre vraiment froide a cette période de l’année. Est ce que c’est dans le coin de valleyfield que vous chassez?Car moi aussi je vien de commencer la chasse sous-marine et j’essaye de me trouver 2 ou 3 endroit aux alentours de montreal.

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