Fun with TBAR speargun prototype

By | May 21, 2013

Here is the Tbar speargun prototype test video.

This speargun was built for entertainment value alone. I do believe this sort of off the wall design helps me rethink my spearguns. Spearfishing with this prototype is quite feasible though. I don’t thing spearfishermen would hesitate one second to bring this thing spearfishing.

The prototype was tested with three of the four bands I intended to use. I also added one kilogram of led to the stock mid test. This made is almost neutral.

The fish shot were walleyes, perch, malachigan and I did some tests on carps.

The advantages include :

it’s hilarious,
stops anything in it’s tracks,
the bar costs nothing,
the bar is indestructible,
you can put any amount of power to the bar without fear of bending it,
you don’t need an integral track,
you can add a slip tip without changing the balistics,
the inertia of the bar makes it almost unstoppable (high penetration),
all the bands can be attached at the very back of the bar (no waste).
The disadvantages include:

it’s very heavy,
takes a while to load,
the recoil is severe,
taking the shaft back up is like dragging an anchor back to the surface,
it scares children.

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