Large leopard grouper makes a mess

By | March 3, 2020

So I was aiming for yellowtails. Since I had shot a 45 pounder recently, I used a slip tip on my 150 cm with 3 * 16 mm bands at 3.5 (very stiff considering the lenght).

The shaft was a 7.5mm and the slip tip was a Spear Master (so was the shaft, I love those).

As it happens, I shot a leopard grouper with it. It was the second large grouper I had taken with the slip tip in a week… that’s what happens when you use a slip tip, every fish is going to offer itself for slaughter so you can’t use it on pelagics… anyway.

I didn’t hit anything but the fish and the thing bent like butter. This thing is made from non heat treated metal it seems….

The ordeal with the grouper was not over… it swam through every coral holes it could find! And then I lost my gun! Fortunately Terri Lynn was there for the rescue!

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