Near death in Baja

By | December 16, 2022

So today I hit my head at full speed on a ledge 15 feet from the bottom, a nice place to put a ledge, I still had 60 feet to go, mildly concussed, with the mask hanging on my nose, I had to fight against an incredible urge to breathe water all the way up to the surface. It felt like my body was fighting to kill me. This had never happened to me. Let’s just say that I now know how it is possible to drown; it’s a super strong signal to breathe in water, and it’s absolutely terrifying. I’ve been freediving for 36 years, and I’m so addicted I dive over 100 days a year, and this was one of the worse accident I have had. A less experienced person would have died for sure, and with this current and low visibility no one could have helped in any way.

I was on the bottom to test a lamp for orcatorch. I had my speargun with me fortunately because a dozen leopard groupers where hanging ont he next ledge. I belly shot the cabrilla and it zizaged in the caves and finally settle in an impossible hole.

The fish is a leopard grouper, also called a cabrilla in mexico.

Leopard Grouper

The lamp I was testing, I still have to do a review, was the D530 from OrcaTorch. It’s a 1300 lumen led light powered with a 18650 rechargeable battery.

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