Big fish, Spearfishing summer 2001

Pete "the Greek", me (René Potvin) and Olivier Resca after a really good dive in Rhode Island september 23, 2001. Olivier and me are holding mid-50 pounders, my big fish was 53 inches long! Needless to say that I have been diving in Rhode island for years in hopes of finding fish that size.
I caught the larger fish in 40 feet of water with a 90 cm Rob Allen (6.5 mm * 130 cm shaft and two 16 mm bands). Since I had no float line or reel the fish gave me quite a ride and I was very happy to reach the surface with the gun.
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Olivier Resca with a 55 pound striper taken at the Race Sunday August 26, 2001; Mike Moran with "smaller" fish.

This is a 46 pound striper taken on the first Sunday of July 2001 in Narragansett. The sea conditions were very bad. The visibility was reduced to one foot. I used my 96cm OMER Skorpio pneumatic (first time this summer). The fish took me for quite a ride underwater before I made it to the surface. It bent the shaft and the flopper!

On the left, me holding the fish. On the right, Frank Labasse trying to get a measure (the fish was "only" 47 inches long).

A 16 pound totaug taken at Block Island in June. I got a 13 pounder the same day.