The Dam

This is the dam where many Montreal Brown Water Hunters chase trouts, walleyes, bass and even salmons late in the season. The trick to freediving or spearfishing this site is to learn how to use the current in order to hit different spots and come back for another passage. The white water is totally undiveable but with good breathold and some balls you can go under the beginning of the foam for a looksee. The trouts and salmon will typically choose the most inaccessible spots. The place is not without its obvious and less obvious dangers. For instance, I would stay well clear of the first 100 yards from the opening or anywhere on the south side of the opening, for you will get sucked in with great force and unimaginable results. This danger is most obvious if you look at the current pattern from the top of the dam. For the experienced diver it can be quite a challenge but, overall, I would advise people to stay away from that spot. Many of us stay in the low current section and do quite well.

From shore


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Time to bail out!

Too late!!