Ice diving March 10 and 11

Trying my 5.5 mm Dessault Xtend in the coldest water imaginable.
underwater shot of me on the surface among ice floats

underwater shop of me going down

Benjamin freezing his butt off in a 7mm Beuchat.
Benjamin Raffi, real cold

Jean Jacques wearing the Dessault face mask. He could not feel the 0C water (32 F). Jean Jacques with Dessault face mask

Jean Jacques in icy water

Underwater shot of René going for the bottom

Shadow of René on the surface

At one point you had to find holes to breathe from.
René trying to find a way to the surface

This time I had to push the ice appart.
Breathing hole found.

Ice formation

Frozen fish special

The Esclapez did not like the cold water I guess.
I spent another 40 minutes swimming with one fin. Broken esclapez fin

clear ice and weed

clear ice and more weed

An hour and a half, still warm. Limitations at depth. Past 30 feet the suit felt thin. ice walker

ice light show 1

ice light show 2

Jean Jacques and René