The Night-dive of Xmas

It was the night-dive of Xmas and all trough the coast killer creatures were swimming awaiting my blood.

Rene and Don Ata and Tino and Tom squirted grease on their patas and wetsuits they donned Roger kept trying to make up a line but "Picasso es su casa" just simply won't rhyme.

Instead, from the south, we heard from Omer "we are the best and we are loud" Mark tried to aver.

Bruce and the gang from the cold northern isle watched as Mike Jette pulled hard on his gun.

Then as Frank hummed to the sound of a clam what should appear but a woman, SHAZAM! Sadly we looked and the worse was confirmed the turtle effect had us feeling quite lame.

"Size does not matter!" Roger exclaimed."Looks do alas" said the good-looking dame.

As without a back look, with Charlie she went.

by: Jose Pescador

Jose L. Fernandez

Medford, New Jersey

Note: I received this from the New England list on December 13, 2000. I kept it all this time. Goodbye my friend.