North Atlantic Competitions, Summer 2001

Mass Open (July 29th), I finally beat the second place curse. I won with 61 points (13 scups and 6 totaugs), followed by Dave Hochman with 53 points. John Murphy came in third.

New York Open (June 24th), John Murphy beats me by one point. Final rankings: Dave Drew 3rd with largest fish (a 34 pound striper), René Potvin 2nd and John Murphy 1st. Second picture is Lou Cerosum with the postal scale.

Dave Hochman receiving the Rhode Island Bluewater Meet trophy (June). He won with a 39 pound striper.

Summer 2000

No picture of the Picasso Open (came in 2nd), the RI or NH Blue Water Meets (3rd and 2nd).

Mass Open, Final ranking: 1st Dave Hochman, 2nd René Potvin and 3rd John Warnock

RI Species Meet, Final ranking: 1st Mike Jetty, 2nd John Warnock and 3rd René Potvin

This is a 37.2 pound striper I landed during Rhode Island BlueWater (1st Dave Hochman, 2nd NY guy (?), 3rd René Potvin)
The two other fish were almost the same weight at around 39 pounds.

This is Pete Scanlon from the Diamond State Skindivers (Delaware).
He got this 39 pound striper during the Picasso Open (1st place David Hochman, 2nd René Potvin, 3rd Mike Beck).