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Barrebalète à Baja! (tbar speargun, tbargun)

La barrebalète est un prototype d’arbalète propulsant une barre d’acier en forme de t. J’avais fabriqué une arbalète utilisant un tube l’année d’avant. Le tube était d’une efficacité redoutable mais je ne voyais pas comment incorporer un ardillon, et la pénétration n’était pas très grande. Les poissons étaient choqués, et il suffisait de les ramasser,… Read More »

The might of a 6 pound mackerel

I shot two mackerels while laying on the sand at about 20 meters (66 feet). I landed both by putting no resistance on my reel. When I shot the second one, to my absolute amazement, half my line was out before I got to the surface! That tiny fish had dragged a shaft that weighted… Read More »

Yellowtails, long fight, double cubera shot, and legions of contaminated foes.

Whenever I don’t have a cold it seems that every sick person feels cheated and will jump at any opportunity to swipe some of their snot on my food or face… This is no paranoia. The legions were out to get me! The lady at the bakery that coughed all over my food and used… Read More »