Bimini, hawaiian sling spearfishing compilations.

By | January 20, 2013

Last October, I bought a 27 foot sailboat and I eventually sailed to the Bahamas. I stayed in Bimini most of the time since the good fishing is on the west side of the island string and the wind is invariably from the east… Anyway, it’s a really good setup for spearfishing.

As you may know, in the Bahamas you are not allowed to use spearguns. All fishing must be done with Hawaiian Slings or Pole spears. Those are two distinct instruments btw. The Hawaiian sling is a like a sling shot throwing a shaft, while a pole spear is a pole with an elastic at it’s base. In the videos, you will see mostly Hawaiian slings.

The fishing was done in 15 to 25 m. It’s really sporty since you have to chase your shaft and look around for sharks at all time. There are so many bull sharks that you cannot let your guard down at any time. Most fishing outings end when the bulls show up.

In general, any fishing below 22 m or 70 feet will result in bulls showing quickly since you’ll be close to the drop off. Fishing at more than 80 feet is almost impossible since the bull show up before you even reach the bottom.

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