James Bond Thunderball special!

By | December 17, 2021

I returned to Montreal for the summer. Time was not wasted to head into the St-Laurent! I had to test the new mask I had purchased on Aliexpress! That thing is a very very good copy of the masks used in James Bond’s Thunderball. The speargun used here is the Cabalero Plastic. It’s not even 50 cm long! Yet I can shoot fish with it all day long.

Now I’d love to have more of the original movie gear. Like one of spearguns. I used the Nemrod pneumatics at the Race in Rhode Island with Pete Papathanasious. It’s very close to the thunderball gun alas it’s not what we see in the movie. In the scenes there are a few Mares Rapallo Vico Jet, Technisub Jaguar and Pelletier’s short. If anyone can lend me one I’d be grateful! I also have to get Voit fins. I’ve seen them for sale in La Paz Mexico. Next time I’ll purchase them! I guess I should look for the snorkel also lol.

Same mask, but diving deep!

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