Minus ten celcius (-10C) is too cold to get naked on a pile of snow

By | February 9, 2014

Winter 2013 2014 is especially cold in Montreal… Regardless, last weekend, perhaps due to a form of cabin fever or temporary seasonal insanity, we convinced ourselves spearfishing was a good idea. -10C was an improvement compared to other days of January. Actually any day with temperatures above -15C were celebrated. But, -10C remains way too cold to get naked on a patch of snow you leveled with you boots.

It took me a good ten minutes to move enough snow with my boots to put my bag down. I agree, I took my time. The idea of getting into a wetsuit in this sort of weather was not enticing.

Fortunately the fish were present in great numbers! Walleye, sturgeaon, bass, carps and drums carpeted the bottom. Ok so I exagerate, but there were a lot of fish. Checkout how we catch them by hand. The gun I used on the walleye was the hockey speargun (it was the first gun I ever built).

2 thoughts on “Minus ten celcius (-10C) is too cold to get naked on a pile of snow

    1. René Potvin Post author

      On utilise des combis de chasse normale. Ce qui est différent c’est la cagoule et les mouffles. Il ne faut pas avoir les mains ou les pieds serrés.. Le plus ample le mieux.

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