Renesub Spearguns

Renesub spearguns

A lot of spearfishermen think that there are ways to get around practicing diligently. While I will agree that not having the correct equipment, especially the wetsuit and the speargun, is going to make it difficult to reach the higher levels of the art of spearfishing, I believe that practice and training are the only things that will get you there.

This becomes self evident when you participate in spearfishing competitions. If you look at the contenders, you will notice that they all use the same equipment by different manufacturers. Unless they happen to all have the same preferences maybe it has nothing to do with preferences. You will also notice that there are no gadgets, no new toys and that the macho knives stay home. They all use the same stuff therefore it’s not about the equipment as long as you have the correct stuff, otherwise you start with a disavantage.

I competed with the products of five different manufacturers before I started making my own guns. It took me another year to try them in a competition. Since I made open muzzle spearguns with two bands I worried about reloading time. I found out that I was not losing that much time reloading and that I was gaining a few feet of range.

I eventually started using the Renesub Spearguns exclusively and won two North Atlantic Championship titles. I think the fun of using my own guns helped me just as much as the extra range. The low profile, the neutrality and the balance of the gun really makes it fun to use and swim with.

My spearguns are for sale but they are produced in small batches. If you want to buy one you will have to contact me through email ( I suggest that you visit


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  1. nass

    Salut René.
    Je serais interessé par un 90cm pourais-tu me contacter sur mon e-mail pour me donner la liste de tes prix et tout svp.merci

    1. René Potvin Post author

      It would make things easier. I could merge and but I’d loose traffic if I did this with… but what do I care? I don’t monetize any of this lol!

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