1994 to 2011 Archives

2010-11 Santa Licia Cuba, story and pictures
2010-07 Catching sturgeons by hand / Esturgeons à la main
2010-06 Kill shot on an eel
2010-05 Night-dive of Xmas by Jose Fernandez
2010-04 The eye! / Un oeil!
2010-04 Écrevisse du Fleuve
2010-02 Entrevue radiophonique à la Godasse!
2010-01 Maui!
2009-10 Histoire de la dérive de Benoit Urbain et Nelson Philip sur l’océan Indien
2009-10 Video of walleyes / Video de dorés
2009-09 Schools of walleyes / bancs de dorés
2009-09 Escoumins
2009-04 Puerto Rico / Portorico
2009-03 Hole in the ice / apnée sous glace
2009-03 White geese flock / Bernaches et oies blanches
2009-02 Ice pictures / apnée sous glace
2009-01 Winter blues
2008-11 Dominica (Carabeans)
2008-11 Barbados, St-Lucie, St-Kitts
2008-04 Life in holes, early season
2008-02 Ice and snow, underwater
2007-12 JJ’s dancing Salamander video
2007-12 Video – To catch a bug
2007-12 Snow storms, jellies and four prop yatchs
2007-11 winter spearfishing – video
2007-08 New Brunswick
2007-09 Video – Diving for led
2007-07 Close Call at Brenton Reef, Rhode Island
2007-07 Muskies
2007-07 Salmon in the St-Laurent, video
2007-06 Video – Landing in the middle of a school of walleyes
2007-06 Video – Antoine shooting walleye
2007-04 Jean Jacques holding a sturgeon
2007-04 Cold water bugs
2007-03 Ice diving, 3rd dive
2007-03 Ice diving in a 5.5
2006-09 More fresh water pictures
2006-07 Bass, Valleyfield
2006-07 Fresh Water Cod, Valleyfield
2006-07 Stalking Pike, Valleyfield
2006-06 Sturgeon, Valleyfield
2006-06 Lepisosteus osseus, Valleyfield
2006-06 Walleye, Valleyfield
2006-06 Fleeing bass, Valleyfield
2006-06 Muskies, Valleyfield
2006-06 Catfish, Valleyfield
Welcome to Brazil… When Luiz Antonio Pereira asked me how I planned to get to Cabo Frio from the airport I told him I would take the bus.

2006-04 Falo Portugese Muito Bem Two months before leaving I bought a Portuguese for beginners' book.
2006-04 FIPSA… By spearfishermen for spearfishermen.
2006-04 Cabo Frio… Assorted biting creatures.
2006-04 Macaco Express… Soon, I’ll finish this piece promise!
2006-02 Nakhle’s 57 pound cobia
2006-01 Fort Lauderdale… The prospect of a 30 hour ride in a pathfinder full of gear with a broken cd player, a passenger window that
will not open and a cracked exhaust pipe would likely have most people ponder on the benefit of a spearfishing trip to Florida…

2006-01 Jean-Jacques catching a bug, 2.6 Mo wmv of squeeling!
2006-01 Fort Lauderdale pictures only |
| more pictures
2006 Pete Papathanasiou’s 60.5 pound world record stripe bass taken while filming! 19 mo wmv file

2006 Rhode Island who’s who
2005-01 School of rays over a wreck in front of Ste-Lucie Florida
2004-07 Surfing the 67 in the Lachine rapids
2004-07 Bunny wave with underwater hockey players
2004-04 Early season River Surfing on the Bunny wave
2003 Rhode Island
2003-11 Nakhle and Marcos spearfishing in Jamaica
2003-08 Big fish (one picture)
2003-09 Port Persil near Tadoussac Quebec
2003-07 Nakhle in Lebanon
2003-05 Early season
2003-04 More pretty ice pictures
2003-04 Ice pictures
2001 Big fish
2000-2001 Different spearfishing competitions
2001-05 The Dam
2001-04 Ice surfing
2001-03 Timing Belt Special
2000-08 The Race
2000-02 Florida spearfishing rampage
1999 Jose`s small speargun story
1998-10 California
1998-07 The nationals
1998-02 Indonesia
1997-03 Ice freediving
1994-1997 Spearfishing memories

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