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Catching early season tautogs how-to

People asked where I got tautogs in April in Rhodes Island. Well, they present special challenges since there are less of them, but also because they behave strangely… Unlike in the late season or winter, tautogs don’t necessarily hangout deep. The water conditions appear similar to those found in winter, so you would expect to… Read More »

Training question

I got this question from a follower. I feel I should post this for all to see so we are all on the same page about my training philosophy and my views on progressing safely, and having fun. I’m doing your workouts for 3 times a week. I’ve a couple of questions: 1. How many… Read More »

Training for spearfishing.

Some people keep asking about my training advise. I had written something a while back. It’s still pretty much what I would suggest today. Here it goes: Reaching for the bottom on one’s breath is an enjoyable exercise of defiance in a society that values more security and comfort than living. It also defies the… Read More »