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Minus ten celcius (-10C) is too cold to get naked on a pile of snow

Winter 2013 2014 is especially cold in Montreal… Regardless, last weekend, perhaps due to a form of cabin fever or temporary seasonal insanity, we convinced ourselves spearfishing was a good idea. -10C was an improvement compared to other days of January. Actually any day with temperatures above -15C were celebrated. But, -10C remains way too… Read More »

Feeding bluegills

More and more often, the St-Lawrence Seaway becomes so warm that it is possible to dive without a wetsuit. It seems each new year we beat the previous’ year heat records. Here I am feeding tooty bluegills in my speedo.

Ice freediving

Freediving under the ice has attracted a lot of attention. These pictures are the most talked about. Even in this environment you can find breathing holes though sometimes only the snorkle passes. It’s best to spot your breathing holes from the surface and make sure to have enough air to back away if you cannot… Read More »

Kissing puffers

In november 2008, I had an opportunity to Island hop on the Carnival Victory Cruise Ship. The kissing puffers were taken with a now ancien Canon A95, in JPG! I had to suffer the indignities of Photoshop to correct the white balance without loosing too much quality. These pictures are a testament to the incredible… Read More »

Canada geese

Northern geese, white geese and Canada geese sometime land in valleyfield. I took these pictures in march 2009. I swam up to the flock with my underwater camera while the professional nature photographers with 9000$ telescopic equipment watched.

Santa Lucia, Cuba

Diving in Santa Lucia, Cuba November 2010 In Montreal, when people have to walk in brown sludge left over from weeks of depressing dark snowy days to get to their ice covered cars, the idea of heading anywhere south is quite appealing. There are many destinations: Florida, Mexico and the Dominican Republic come to mind,… Read More »