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Fun with TBAR speargun prototype

Here is the Tbar speargun prototype test video. This speargun was built for entertainment value alone. I do believe this sort of off the wall design helps me rethink my spearguns. Spearfishing with this prototype is quite feasible though. I don’t thing spearfishermen would hesitate one second to bring this thing spearfishing. The prototype was‚Ķ Read More »

Bimini, hawaiian sling spearfishing compilations.

Last¬†October,¬†I bought a 27 foot sailboat and I eventually sailed to the Bahamas. I stayed in Bimini most of the time since the good fishing is on the west side of the island string and the wind is invariably from the east… Anyway, it’s a really good setup for spearfishing. As you may know, in‚Ķ Read More »